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A look at the health checkup for various lifestyle and other diseases

Diagnosing a health problem at the initial stage can reduce the impact of the ailment on the health of the individual and cure the person fully in many cases. Hence it is important to carry periodic health checkups. While there are many diagnostic labs offering health checkups, doctors say that it is advisable to under go a checkup only once in 6 months or a year, as there is not likely to be much change in the health parameters of the person in a period of 1 month or 3 months. For senior citizens, there are many diagnostic labs which visit the person in his or her home, to take the necessary samples, and provide the results to them at home.

Some of the more popular tests which are recommended by doctors are
- checking the blood sugar level - fasting and after meals
- checking blood pressure
- checking cholesterol levels, heart health, including blocked arteries, veins
- weight

While most people associate health checkups with senior citizens and those with a health problem, many large companies insist on their employees undergoing a regular health checkup. In fact some companies will insist that their employee undergoes a health checkup before he or she joins the company. Security agencies are usually testing the fitness levels of their employees before hiring them, and only employees who pass the fitness tests are recruited.

Similarly for some jobs having quick reflexes and good eyesight is necessary. Many of those who are interested in working as a pilot have to undergo a detailed checkup of their eyesight, and anyone with a defect is automatically disqualified. Many high profile professionals have claimed that they wanted to become pilots, however they could not because of their eyesight. However for most office jobs, fitness levels are not very important.

The health of high profile individuals especially politicians is widely discussed and monitored by indian citizens. For example in goa, a particular politician was not considered for a particular post, because he had a health problem and later spent a few months abroad being treated. Another politician underwent a health checkup a year ago, before holding an important position, however the checkup could not diagnose a problem which he suffered later

Many celebrities and politicians will keep the news of their health problems a secret, leading to a lot of speculation about the nature of the illness and false rumors are spread. For example in goa, after a politician was hospitalized, one of the major hospitals in goa circulated flyers listing their cancer testing facilities, taking advantage of the speculation.

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