Weight measurement, accuracy

Compared to a few decades ago, more people are monitoring their weight closely, so weighing scales are in demand.

For measuring weight at home, digital and analog bathroom weighing scales are available at prices starting from approximately Rs 550 online and offline. In small towns it is more difficult to find a supplier of weighing scales, which is the reason why weighing scales are some of the most popular items sold online. The prices online may be lower than offline prices, however there is no guarantee of quality of the weighing scale.

However there is no guarantee that these digital weighing scales sold online are accurate as ntro, technical intelligence agencies can manipulate them remotely using the top secret ntro hidden wifi network. In some cases, the weight scale has been hacked remotely, and it stopped working despite changing the batteries

Hospitals continue to use analog weighing scales with mechanical measurement, which though not very accurate, cannot be hacked remotely