Making money online and health problems

The fraud ridden indian internet sector is unique in a way , as the cunning ntro and government employees try to link every profitable activity of a domain investor with a health problem to cause financial losses.
As detective in mumbai indicated, indian intelligence and security agencies are extremely effectively in ensuring that a targetted indian citizen cannot make any money offline . However in case the person is making money online, the cunning fraud ntro, cbi employees freelancing allegedly for google, tata will taunt the person that he or she has a health problem, to discourage the person from indulging in money making activities.

So domain investors are discouraged from registering domain names as they will get a passive online income, falsely claiming that it is a health problem, the domain investor requires a health checkup . For wordpress blog installation, the harassment faced by the domain investor from ntro employees is even more, as the monetization options are more .
The freelancer ntro employees have been given a single goal by google, tata , reduce the income of the google competitor to zero, using whatever method they can . In reality there is no connection at all between wordpress blog installation, domain registration and health of a person,

Just like a shopkeeper will stock more items to increase sales, the domain investor is increasing the domains, blogs available trying to increase sales, they may or may not be able to, it is gamble , a risk that the domain investor is taking , which others in India do not