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Egg donation is a medical procedure that involves a woman donating their eggs to another woman. The woman receiving egg so that they can conceive on their behalf as a reproductive treatment technique are referred to as surrogate mothers. The whole procedure occurs in vitro where the egg is fertilized in the laboratory by the specialized personnel.

Egg donation is considered an option in the cases where the woman has had early menopause, or they have been declared infertile after infertility treatments. At times uterus problem or disease can render a woman infertile and therefore this woman has no opportunity to have a child because she cannot receive an egg. Egg donation technology is upgrading daily in the recent years through the biomedical research in several research centers.

The woman who donates the egg should be thoroughly checked to ensure that they are in good health and therefore consent to making the decision in their rightful mind. The major responsibility of the surrogacy company is to deal with egg donation applications. The application requires the donor to give true information about their medical history including their sexual history.

The surrogacy company reviews the donor’s application having in mind two consequences for the woman, either to be accepted or rejected. The profile of the surrogacy donor is uploaded by the company once the donor is approved by the surrogacy company and enrolls her in the egg donation program. Once the couple selects the donor of their choice; the coordinator supervises the whole process taking into consideration on the legal aspects.

The woman then undergoes a comprehensive screening which includes their psychological aspect. Colorado remains the best center as the Colorado surrogacy center that provide egg donation services which are not only limited to the residents of the United States of America but also all over the world. A popular surrogacy agency helps cancel the distance that might exist between the surrogate mother and the parents to be, because one of the functions of the surrogacy agency is to enhance the communication between them. Having a good relationship with the surrogate agency that has international connections gives the intended parents to select their surrogate from a nearby town.

The best-recommended surrogacy agency to work with should be one that has many diversified registered donors so that they can choose from the wide selection, and this gives the couple a chance of making a choice but not just accepting the one available maybe.