Due to google’s identity theft, google competitor has no money for health checkups

Google is so brutal and ruthless in subjecting harmless google competitors to identity theft that they suffer great financial losses, their retirement savings are stolen without a court order or legally valid reason , and they have no money for health checkups or other activities.

For example the google competitor is receiving multiple smses for a health checkup for Rs 1099 , yet is unable to consider it, because google, tata and the indian government have made her a slave forcing her to work almost for free so that relatives and friends of top indian intelligence and security agency employees like indore crook R&AW employee document robber veena can get a monthly indian government salary without doing any work, faking a btech 1993 ee degree, resume, investment and online work.

Other indian paypal account holders forced to work as slaves by the fraud ntro, cbi employees can also contact.

Reviews of pharmacies online and offline

Most people have to visit pharmacies offline at some stage in their life. However the quality of service and the availability of products varies to a very great extent depending on the pharmacy. Many of the online pharmacies are offering lower prices. Most pharmacies are insisting on a doctors prescription. More details at pharmacy reviews and information for reference

Health Check up from thyrocare

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Making money online and health problems

The fraud ridden indian internet sector is unique in a way , as the cunning ntro and government employees try to link every profitable activity of a domain investor with a health problem to cause financial losses.
As detective in mumbai indicated, indian intelligence and security agencies are extremely effectively in ensuring that a targetted indian citizen cannot make any money offline . However in case the person is making money online, the cunning fraud ntro, cbi employees freelancing allegedly for google, tata will taunt the person that he or she has a health problem, to discourage the person from indulging in money making activities.

So domain investors are discouraged from registering domain names as they will get a passive online income, falsely claiming that it is a health problem, the domain investor requires a health checkup . For wordpress blog installation, the harassment faced by the domain investor from ntro employees is even more, as the monetization options are more .
The freelancer ntro employees have been given a single goal by google, tata , reduce the income of the google competitor to zero, using whatever method they can . In reality there is no connection at all between wordpress blog installation, domain registration and health of a person,

Just like a shopkeeper will stock more items to increase sales, the domain investor is increasing the domains, blogs available trying to increase sales, they may or may not be able to, it is gamble , a risk that the domain investor is taking , which others in India do not

Weight measurement, accuracy

Compared to a few decades ago, more people are monitoring their weight closely, so weighing scales are in demand.

For measuring weight at home, digital and analog bathroom weighing scales are available at prices starting from approximately Rs 550 online and offline. In small towns it is more difficult to find a supplier of weighing scales, which is the reason why weighing scales are some of the most popular items sold online. The prices online may be lower than offline prices, however there is no guarantee of quality of the weighing scale.

However there is no guarantee that these digital weighing scales sold online are accurate as ntro, technical intelligence agencies can manipulate them remotely using the top secret ntro hidden wifi network. In some cases, the weight scale has been hacked remotely, and it stopped working despite changing the batteries

Hospitals continue to use analog weighing scales with mechanical measurement, which though not very accurate, cannot be hacked remotely

Measuring blood sugar levels

For checking the blood sugar levels there are a number of methods available
– testing urine for sugar levels
– using glucometer at home, however the finger has to be pricked to get blood for taking a sample for testing
– in a hospital or pathology lab where a larger amount of blood will be required for conducting the necessary tests

Some people do not like being pricked for checking blood sugar levels with a glucometer , so they may ask for urine strips. However most pharmacies are not stocking urine strips for checking the glucose levels

Whenever the skin is pricked for taking blood there is always a possibility of an infection , so other methods may be preferred.

Blood pressure measurement

High blood pressure can cause a number of health problems, so officials intentionally try to make citizens angry and increase their blood pressure, so that they fall sick.

For measuring blood pressure, there are a number of relatively inexpensive blood pressure measurement devices available to measure the blood pressure at home. These devices will consist of a band which has to be wrapped around the arm, and a device with a digital display which will convert the pressure measurement to the blood pressure reading

It can be difficult for a person living alone to fix the BP meter to the arm properly for taking measurement. In some cases, the meter may be fixed very tightly on the arm , and can be uncomfortable

However digital blood pressure meters are likely to be manipulated, so some high profile hospitals are continuing to use analog devices for measuring blood pressure of patients, especially as part

Domain investors ruthlessly tortured with radiation weapons to cause health problems

One of the greatest frauds in the indian internet sector is how ntro employees spreading false rumors about the health of a domain investor are ruthlessly stalking and torturing the domain investor with directed energy weapons to cause microwave burns, great pain, headache, memory loss, and other health problems.
It is a reflection of the bestiality of these ntro and indian government employees that they are contract killers, freelancing for companies allegedly google, tata, who will do almost anything to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply
These officials hope to cause so much pain, that the domain investor is forced to go to a doctor for a checkup. Most of the doctors, at least in small towns do not understand the problem caused by radiation, or are intentionally ignoring the problem.
Once the domain investor will go to the doctor, these cruel criminal ntro employees will have achieved their goal of having the domain investor labelled as having questionable health.

Google vicious in bribing officials to spread false rumors about health of competitors

One of the reasons why google has a major market share in India is that is has been very successful in bribing powerful officials in India to abuse their power to spread complete false rumors defaming the harmless google competitor, a domain investor .
The crooked ntro or government employees freelancing for google are misleading almost all the forum owners with their false rumors about the health of the google competitor though there is nothing wrong with her.
Everyone has the right to complain about injustice and cheating, however the google freelancers are cunningly and falsely claim that it as a sign of mental problems. In India , there is an unfortunate tendency to label all those who complain about fraud as being mentally unsound, instead of professionally and objectively checking if the complaint is valid, and taking corrective action to end the fraud

Common health checkups

The health checkup depends to a large extent on the health problems being faced. In case of a specific illness like malaria or jaundice, the doctor will prescribe specific tests, however there are certain tests which are recommended after a particular age

Some of the more common tests which are recommended by doctors are
– checking the blood sugar level – fasting and after meals
– checking blood pressure
– checking cholesterol levels, heart health, including blocked arteries, veins
– weight

Some of these ailments like diabetes are chronic ailments so patients can use glucometers or similar methods for checking the blood sugar level at home.

Kindly note that google, tata sponsored R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees especially shivalli brahmin fraud housewife nayanshree hathwar are not associated with the website , however freelancing ntro, cbi, google, tata employees have been making fake claims as part of the sundar pichai led google’s vicious slander campaign against a harmless google competitor, whose retirement savings have already been stolen by indian government employees without a court order or legally valid reason